OSDC.tw 2010 note

週末第一次參加了 OSDC.tw,台灣 OpenSource 社群中活躍的高手都現身了。

fred 提到的 eServ 模組化概念很有趣,也來著手進行 eServ modularize 當做練功吧。


Less is more - gugod

  • slide tool: http://ingydotnet.github.com/vroom-pm/
  • jQuery is a good API design:
    $(“p”).one(....), bind
  • dsl - domain-specific language
  • DOM API是底線..非常煩瑣 不好的API
    jQuery: $(“#foo”)
  • Good API: consistency is everything
    jQuery for example
  • Programming is a process that: code<->document switching...

Programming Android Application in Scala - Brian Hsu

  • lecturer’s blog: http://bone.twbbs.org.tw/blog/
  • From wiki: To the JVM, Scala code and Java code are indistinguishable. The only difference is a single extra runtime library, scala-library.jar
  • ASE: android scripting language
    problem: runtime exception is bugging...
  • Scala: a postfunctional pl on JVM, compile to JVM .class bytecode
  • REPL, Scripting, Compiling...
  • Steps:
    scalac test.scala
    java -cp xxx.jar Sample
  • SBT: simple build tool for scala: http://code.google.com/p/simple-build-tool/
  • android-plugin: http://github.com/jberkel/android-plugin

Designing Website for Mobile Safari - hlb

  • lecture’s link: http://note.iamhlb.com/talks
  • minimize input, maximize output
  • focus on first function (don’t waste on secondary func)
  • native != best solution
  • html5 game, the js API is very good for example
  • http://bingo.handlino.com/machines/3586
  • http://www.quirksmode.org/compatibility.html
  • touch panel finger sensitivity zone: 50x50 pixels
  • use css animation instead of JS animation

eServ - jserv (0xlab)


Nonhierarchical OOP - Shawn M Moore

AnyMQ: Scalable and Simple Message Queues in Perl - clkao / K-9

SVG-based Application Development - 李圭烽/蔡志展/黃昭龍

0xdroid -- community-developed Android distribution by 0xlab - jserv (0xlab)

similar projects: android,android-x86,rowboat,cyanogenMod,OESF,ODroid
「0xdroid -- community-developed Android distribution by 0xlab」簡報上線
演講:0xdroid -- community-developed Android distribution by 0xlab

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