surf log 09.09.30

ARM techcon3
Dual ARM core design claimed twice as fast as Atom
PRODUCT HOW-TO: Improve CPU Utilization with DEOS Slack RTOS Scheduling
Enabling Secure Integration of Multiple IP Cores in the Same FPGA
Software Industry Insights
Don't Let Metastability Cause Problems in Your FPGA-Based Design
專做有趣玩夜兒的台客實驗室 - ULLAB

The Next Round The new features of Linux 2.6.31, 2.6.32
Cortex-A8 dev system supports Linux
Optimizing bash scripts for multi-core processors
Timechart: Zoom in on Operating System
Use SUSE Studio to Build a Linux OS From Scratch
Real-time JVM rev'd with BeagleBoard support

Android 1.6 SDK is here
Android ROM images from community
在 0xdroid 充分發揮 Beagleboard/OMAP3 的硬體特性
Zipalign: an easy optimization

[cloud computing / thin client]
Virtualization Driving the Network Revolution
Nivio cloud computing 雲端技術讓您四處都能工作

[virtual platform / ESL modeling]
Using platform independent models to proliferate code across multiple application environments
Seamless integration of multicore embedded systems

[misc / staff / blog]
Code Aurora Forum.

好用的 Trace 工具 cflow
screenrc 再進化
使用 ssh 挖洞走密道!半夜深入禁宮!