surf log 09.08.xx

40 years of Unix
Linux from Scratch 6.5 Available
Linux file system for dummies-只花你45分鐘
X Window 圖形介面的效能

FreedomHEC Taipei 2009 - Day 1
FreedomHEC Taipei 2009 - Day 2

Software Know How 代工?!
arm-x86: A tool to run ARM-Linux binaries on x86-Linux through binary translation.
C memory layout
Accessing SQLite in C
開放程式碼的視窗開發工具 Eclipse + Qt
Reducing costs with embedded software optimization
GCC 4.4 Release Series
Torvalds: Stick to C for kernel coding

Picking the right MPSoC-based video architecture

Using open-source GNU, Eclipse & Linux to develop multicore Cell apps

The Perils of Parallel
OO無雙 SoC dev